About us


For almost forty years, Friber foundry, spread over an area of ​​about 3,000 square metres, has been a market leader in the production of mechanical and metal components.

Friber's workforce consists of twenty workers and technicians who are specialised in the field of metal casting.

To avoid any casting flaws, Friber currently has 2800 catalogued and individually stored moulds.

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Our history

Founded in 1973 by Vittorio Frighetto, Giovanni Battista Frighetto and Matteo Bertinato, Friber foundary initially manufactured aluminum alloy, bronze and brass mechanical parts cast in sand.

In 1985, the company moved its headquarters to Castelgomberto and also started to manufacture aluminum alloy permanent mould castings.

When Frighetto Vittorio retired in 2006, his sons Paolo and Stefano took took over the management of the business and contributed to its ever burgeoning expansion.
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Mission statement

Friber's mission statement is to advise and offer our customers the most efficient and cost-effective method of manufacturing metal products andmechanical components.

Acutely sensitive to environmental issues, Friber complies with all applicable safety and environmental regulations.
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